• Smile-Makeover
The Complete Smile Makeover.

Have the Smile of Your Dreams..!!

Our Cosmetic Dentists are highly experienced in cosmetic procedures and are able to offer the latest smile enhancements treatments. We can literally create smiles, change faces and change lives.
However unhappy you are with your smile, we have the artistry and expertise to give you a Complete Smile Makeover that will change the way you smile and feel about yourself, forever: Look Great and Feel Great.

Treatment that May be Involved in Your Smile Design :

  • Dental Implants (Replaces Missing Teeth or Dentures).
  • Teeth Whitening (Same-day Service).
  • Veneers (For Discoloured and Uneven Teeth).
  • Crowns & Bridges (Natural Looking Teeth or Caps).
  • Orthodontics / Braces (Straightens Teeth).
1. Initial Consultation.
From your very first telephone call or email we try to instill confidence and trust.
At your first consultation we listen to your aspirations and concerns and provide advice that is honest and unbiased and suited to your particular needs.
We pride ourselves on being able to provide you with a range of options that may include one or a combination of different treatment modalities e.g. porcelain veneers, crowns or bridges, implants and often orthodontics.
Fees are clearly discussed and a written estimate and breakdown is given. Diagnostics and treatment planning may also be done at this visit.
2. Diagnostics & Planning.
When you are ready to proceed, your new smile is designed after a detailed diagnostic survey. This includes X-Rays, photographs and study casts computer imaging.
The following factors are taken into consideration.
1.Your requests and personality.
2.External Factors.
  • Facial proportions and shape including asymmetries.
  • Relationship of eyes to the smile and rest of your mouth.
  • Smile Lines and lip contours.
3.Internal Factors.
  • Gum Lines, contour and embrasures.
  • Teeth size, proportions, number, gaps, crookedness & colour.
  • Width of your smile and buccal corridors.
4.Horizontal and Vertical Alignments and Discrepancies.
3. Treatment Planning.
You approve your personalized design and we are ready to go! Using precise matrices the teeth are contoured to the precise form required to produce your desired smile. Often only 2-3 visits are needed.
At this stage you will actually leave with temporary teeth IN YOUR NEW SMILE! A really fabulous transformation. You will be able to wear the new teeth and minor changes can be carried out. This is a really elegant part of the process and benefits are apparent already.
4. The Treatment Procedure.
Beautiful veneers are made to the original design and to the specified shade, texture and contour. They are fitted in a careful and precise manner.
You have your new beautiful smile and suddenly you look and feel great. We are always interested in your smile creation and ready to share in the happiness...of your Beautiful Smile.
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