Digital X-rays
# At Innovative Family Dental Health, we offer comprehensive new patient check-ups with X-rays.
At your first appointment you will be greeted by trained and friendly staff. Our reception and treatment rooms are clinically clean with comfortable seating, relaxing interior colours and air conditioned rooms.

In the treatment room you will be greeted by Dentists and nursing staff who are only too happy to listen to your concerns and wishes. We give you time to adjust and feel comfortable. Our dentists are extremely conscientious and put the patient first in every situation.

# Conscientious staff equipped with latest technologies
Rest assured that we use the latest technologies such as intra-oral cameras. Our chair based screens allow you to look at these in comfort whilst your dentist explains the details to you. We are fastidious when it comes to Clinical Sterility and cleanliness.

Your dental condition is recorded on our dental computer software and, once your dentist has fully evaluated your dental health, you will receive a customised written treatment plan offering all the options to help you improve your oral health.

# We hope your visit is always a pleasurable one.
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