• Benefits of Laser Treatment
# Laser Dentistry.
Safe and Effective to treat Mouth & Gum problems effectively.
A laser is a high-technology device that generates a beam of concentrated light. This beam of light brings energy into your mouth to help your dentist remove areas of infection with great precision and accuracy. The laser beam sterilizes the affected area and seals off blood vessels, which minimizes the chance of infection and bleeding.
Patients undergoing laser dentistry find it much more comfortable both during and after treatment than traditional treatment. That’s because in many instances, the need for anaesthetic injections in eliminated – and that means less time spent in the dental chair..!!
Other Benefits Include :
  • Faster Healing & Recovery.
  • No Risk of Infection.
  • Decreased Sensitivity.
  • Less time in the Dental Chair.
  • Very Less Bleeding.
  • Less post-operative pain with no stitches needed.
  • Fewer Injection & Anesthesia.
  • Perfect for Children.
  • Preserves Healthy Tooth Structure.
Cavity Detection.

The Diagnodent uses a small laser to help us diagnose decay earlier then ever before. Many teeth have grooves on the chewing surface that gather stain. In the past it was impossible to tell if dark areas on the chewing surface were decay, or merely stain that was penetrating into the grooves. The laser tip of the Diagnodent produces a digital readout quantifying the amount of decay which is present.

The value of diagnosing decay early cannot be overestimated. With early detection, treatment can be less invasive and more comfortable then ever before. In most cases, early diagnosis of decay on the chewing surface of a tooth allows us to repair the decay without anaesthetic or drills.

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